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The Franklin Quartet, named for Age of Enlightenment polymath Benjamin Franklin, performs music from the dawn of the string quartet on period instruments. They bring a spirit of invention and exploration to their presentation of early string quartet repertoire, in particular through their adherence to the historical practice of the upper string players switching parts. Individually, the members of the Franklin Quartet are prolific recording artists and have contributed to recordings that have been nominated for or won nine GRAMMY Awards. They possess extensive experience as specialists in historically informed performance practice, and are highly sought after as soloists, chamber musicians and orchestral leaders across the United States and abroad. Formed in 2016, the Franklin Quartet is based in Philadelphia, PA and proudly embraces its role as the city’s only period string quartet. Elle Marie Sullivanon of MD Theater Guide had this to say regarding Franklin Quartet’s debut in Washington, DC: “Franklin Quartet performs as a beautiful machine, working together as an ensemble to create music. Not a single moment did one musician outshine any of the others and rather than watching four people play it was an experience of watching four individuals create harmony together.”